Should You Include Meat In Your Keto Lunch

If your keto plan is tailored according to your body and weight loss goals and you control your urge to eat foods that are good sources of carbohydrates, your keto diet will definitely work. Whether you are a vegetarian or nonvegetarian, you can easily find foods containing fewer carbohydrates and the right fat content. You can maintain a diet balance required for your keto lunch. If you want to try keto diet and you prefer foods that come from animal sources, this article is for you. 


You can include meat in your keto lunch. However, make sure that the meat comes from unprocessed sources. It should be natural. If they are grass-fed, you can include roast beef, steak, ribs and kebabs in your keto lunch. Organ meats like kidney, heart, liver, tongue and tripe are also suitable for keto meals. These meats are also good sources of nutrients. 

Go for good quality meat that comes from local sources. The source should be ethically raised. However, keep in mind that eating meat in large quantities will not help. Instead of buying from the market, you can visit a local farm to save a little amount of money. However, if you want a keto diet with the best quality meat in the right amount, find a certified keto meal provider in Australia and get your keto lunch delivered to your house. Think again if you are considering meats in pre-marinated sauces. The sugar and carbohydrates content of this meat is high. 

Avoid meatballs, sausages and other processed meats. These meats contain breadcrumbs and other fillers that are not keto friendly. Always check the label to make sure that the meat you are going to include in your keto lunch has a carbohydrate content under 5%. 

Grass-fed meat

Certified keto meal providers use grass-fed meat that comes from local sources. They make sure that animals for meat are raised ethically. Grass-fed meat provides you with vitamin E which is good for your immune system. This meat is also rich in antioxidants and other minerals and nutrients such as vitamin A, calcium and magnesium. It also provides you with conjugated linoleic acid which offers anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Consider your protein intake when you are eating meat. Don’t eat too much protein as your body will convert it into glucose like substance. Your body will take more time to enter ketosis. Meat from grass-fed sources contains the right amount of protein and carbohydrates in low amounts. In addition to including grass-fed meat in your keto diet, you can also include grass-fed bone broth. Simply share your preferences with your keto meal provider in Australia. The following are the best meats for keto diet: 

  • Organ Meats
  • Pork 
  • Lamb 
  • Venison 
  • Veal 
  • Beef/Steak

If you want variety in your diet then you can include poultry. This will make you feel satisfied and full of energy. When it comes to poultry, you have the following options: 

  • Goose 
  • Poultry pates 
  • Duck 
  • Turkey 
  • Chicken 

You can easily achieve your weight loss goal with a keto diet. Just stick to your diet plan.

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