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A Life Plus NDIS Meal Delivery Service 

NDIS Provider Number: 4050023270

With our exceptional range of prepared NDIS meals, A Life Plus, an NDIS Registered Provider, is committed to bringing the joy of food to as many people as possible. With fresh ingredients and a menu tailored to your preferences, every meal on our incredible menu will delight your taste buds with traditional, homestyle, or globally inspired dishes.

How to register

Whether you're ordering directly or through a representative, we'll get you up and running fast so you can start enjoying our seriously delicious meals! Follow easy steps below.

Plan Managed and Agency Managed Participants:
1. Download and fillup our NDIS Service Agreement Form

2. Send to help@alifeplus.com.au including the following information:
- What is your preferred size of the meal? (250g or 400g)
- How many quantity of meals do you need per delivery?
- How many weeks?
- Add your dietary requirement and/or special delivery instruction
   Make sure to populate all the details in the form for faster approval

3. Our friendly Customer Service Representative will get back to you for confirmation

Download Service Agreement

Self Managed Participant
1. Let us know one time at the order comment section that you are a Self Managed Participant

2. A split invoice will be sent to you within 1-2 business days which you can use to claim funds back yourself

For NDIS self-managed participants, you do not need to complete our service agreement. You may place an order from any of our current menus as long as you will pay the full price. Once paid, we will send you a split invoice so you can claim the preparation cost directly from your portal

NDIS meal cost

Meal TypeSizeYou only pay per mealNDIS Funding pays per meal
Standard Meal250g$3.25$11.61
Standard Meal400g$4.00$13.67
Organic Meal250g$7.25$11.61
Organic Meal400g$8.75$13.67
Regular Snacks110g$1.50$6.25

Create an NDIS Quote

You may start creating your own quote by following easy steps below:
1. Fill-up the form below
2. Click on 'Generate Quote'
3. Review the details
4. If you are satisfied with the quote, click on 'Download Quote'

If you require a personalised quote, please get in touch with our team.

(1year is 52 weeks)


Over 100 varieties of dishes to choose and enjoy!

We offer fresh variety of hand-cooked meals, never frozen. Your meals are designed to your tastes & preferences. A delicious & easy way to enjoy healty meals

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Contact us to start enjoying healthy meals today!

Phone number: (02) 8091 4087
Email address: help@alifeplus.com.au



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