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A keto diet is a low carb diet, where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. Keto diets are also known as, ketogenic diet, low carb diet, low carb high fat (LCHF) etc.

Your body can run on two types of fuels, glucose or ketones. The end goal of a properly maintained keto diet is to force your body into this metabolic state through starvation of carbohydrates.The effect is that basically your body starts running on fat instead of sugars, and fat burning increases dramatically as it becomes easier to access the stored fat.

Ketosis takes anywhere from 2-7 days to achieve, and up to 21 days for your body to fully enjoy the benefits.

Benefits include:

- Fat burning 24/7, even when you’re sleeping.

- Energy, increased physical endurance and mental performance.

- Lose weight without hunger and control cravings.

- May include health benefits such as less acne, heartburn, cancer, epilepsy, fewer migraines, stomach aches, PCOS, sugar cravings, control blood sugar and help type 2 diabetes, normalized blood pressure.

Potential side effects include:

- Keto flu, headache, cramps, constipation, heart palpitations, reduced physical performance.

- Less common issues including rash, elevated cholesterol, temporary hair loss, reduced tolerance to alcohol, rash.

A keto diet is normally considered very safe and our information is evidence-based. This means that it is based only on scientific research. However, we do not intend to offer medical advice or replace advice given by your healthcare team. It is important to address all medical questions and concerns about your care with your healthcare team prior to changing your diet.

Your Keto diet will contain Fat: 70-80%, Protein: 15-25%, Carbs: 5% (20- 30g carbs per day)

The benefits of using our service is that we can personalise meals that fit perfectly to your macro levels, tastes and preferences.

Before you start the program we will help you calculate the amount of calories, proteins, fats you will require to achieve Ketosis, and if you are looking to lose weight etc, we can also take that into account.

We can tailor the number of calories, the size of your meals, the ingredients you love and exclude the ingredients you don’t want and cater for any special dietary requirements. (e.g. 1850 calories, add spinach, no nuts.)

Other benefits include:

- We make it easy for you to achieve and stay in Ketosis.

- No recipes to learn, no need to cook and clean.

- A science-based approach to help minimise potential issues like the keto cramps.

- Great ingredients (e.g. local, seasonal, organic, biodynamic)

- Use of healthy fats, not unhealthy fats.

- Fresh hand cooked restaurant quality dishes.




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Weight loss achieved so far: .5
Pleasantly surprised

I have had a few food deliveries and have never really loved the quality of the food.
I was therefore surprised and pleased with the standard of dishes I have eaten so far. Nothing has disappointed and there is real flavour in the food. I have yet to try any that I froze as I could only keep 1 weeks worth fresh in fridge. I am hoping they have not lost any nutrients or taste once thawed.

Weight loss achieved so far: 2 kilos
Keto Meal Plan

So delicious and easy. Every meal I have had has been so well balanced and really enjoyable.

Yummy food

Great service and very tasty meals

Very well thought out meals with real taste

I enjoy the variety that Alife+ offers. They also taste really good, with fresh ingredients.

Weight loss achieved so far: Week 1 - 3.5 Kg. Let's not get too excited, it's mostly water.
Improvement: Meat in the stroganoff strips was very tough. Needs to be stewed longer or better quality cut used. Dishes with cheese need some work. When reheated the cheese forms a single solid lump. Not sure why instructions say to remove the plastic film before reheating. I've been reheating after popping a few small holes in the film with the point of a knife with good results.
Amazing variety of proper keto meals

Ordered 10 different meals in week 1. All delicious. Well above expectations. Another 10 ordered for week 2 with no repeats. Still more on the list I'd like to try. All the vegetables are amazing. Was expecting soft and overcooked but all were fresh, crisp, and crunchy.