High Quality Ingredients

Our meals is made with freshest ingredients. Superior and High-Quality Meats, Delectable, No Additives, Healthy Carbohydrates, High quality ingredients: including Grass fed beef, grass fed lamb, free range chicken, free range pork, free range egg, sustainably caught seafood and organic veggies where possible.

Eat it your way

We allow you to choose and customize your meals according to your preferences. We provide you with nutritionist-designed meals that are tailored to your specific goals. We bring your concept to life

Ease of Mind

Have confidence that we care as much about your health and the ingredients as you do. We take great care in curating the quality of our meals and their ingredients.

Convenient & Tasty

Enjoy great-tasting low carb high protein meals without the hassle - we do the work for you and deliver it straight to your home. Saves time and simplifies life Prepared completely - no cooking required - and ready in a matter of minutes. Our meals are bursting with flavor that lingers in every bite. Simply heat, eat, and repeat!

What is Low-Carb, High Protein Diet?

High protein, low carb diets may promote weight loss, preserve muscle mass, improve blood sugar control and may lower your risk of heart disease. It is a good idea for anyone wanting to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle to reduce their intake of refined carbohydrates.

LCHP Meal Plans

Choose among our 3 days, 5 days and 7 days meal plan and start creating your perfect box.

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