A Life Plus (A+) Origins

Over 15 years ago, we started out by taking care of family & friends recovering from Cancer. During that time, we helped with basic chores, drove them to treatment and bought groceries etc.

What we noticed was that they ended up overlooking the basics, such as eating well. Not regularly being able to plan meals meant they both ended up eating whatever was easy, rather than what was good for their health.

We knew there had to be a better way. So we started by finding the best foods to eat and then prepared meals with the freshest ingredients for the whole family.

What we observed was that by sharing food and eating well, everyone in the family seemed to have more energy and felt happier. Having more time to do the things they loved to do.

Our eyes were opened to a world where we could use food not just as a means to stop us from being hungry, but as a way to help people feel great and bring families closer together. 

We’ve now taken this seed and grown it into a Sydney based family owned service. Our mission is to provide the best, easiest, safest and most delicious way for people to have great nutrition effortlessly.

To ensure the safety of our food we now hold a NSW Food Authority Vulnerable Populations Licence and are accredited by Food Safety Australia. Our recipes have been checked by an Accredited Practising Dietitian and our food is prepared in a HACCP compliant kitchen to a CODEX standard Food Safety Program. In addition, we are also an approved NDIS provider for NDIS meal services.

Everything we do here is to move us closer towards a world where eating well is the most delicious, most simple, most enjoyable and most cost-effective way of life. Don't just read about it, join us now and come experience it for yourself!


Jack & James


Our Accreditations & Further Information:

  • NSW Food Authority Vulnerable Populations Licence.
  • Registered NDIS provider number: 4050023270.
  • Recipes verified and rated by Registered Accredited Practising Dietitians.
  • Food Safety Supervisor Certificate from Food Safety Australia.
  • Kitchen, Trays HACCP compliant.
  • The food containers are oven and microwave safe, BPA free & Vacuum Sealed to seal in flavors while extending the food shelf life. Then delivered via our HACCP refrigerated delivery service.
  • To ensure full safety cover, we have also taken out Public Liability Insurance including product Quality Insurance of AU$20 million to protect the interests of our customers.


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958 reviews
Weight loss achieved so far: 6kg
Improvement: Delivery times, considering the amount customers are paying for the food the relievers should be better.
Great food

Awesome food can’t really say anything bad about the product. I’m on keto and eat one meal a day with intermittent fasting and it’s showing results. Only one aspect of the service I would say isn’t convenient and may pose health risks and that would be the delivery times. They drop meals off in the middle of the day while you are most likely at work and don’t get home until later sometimes 6-8 hours later.

Weight loss achieved so far: About 4 kilos, but I’m mainly doing this for health and convenience rather than weight loss.
Improvement: The only problem I’ve had is with delayed deliveries, other than that it’s been great.

5 Day Keto Diet Meal Plan - Lunch & Dinner

Weight loss achieved so far: 4.2kgs
Great mela & service

Truly enjoying the convenience of keto meals. They are delicious and helping me focus on health through lockdown. Highky recommend

First week 900cal IF

Having tried this way of eating to loose weight in the past I know that my body reacts well to this way of eating. However, the lack of variety & blandness in the food options lead to boredom. I can say that ALifePlus so far the food is delicious very tasty and the variety of options from what I have seen on the website would make it very difficult to get bored. So I’m loving it.

Improvement: Nothing every thing is perfect

All points of your service are very good
Love the food & delivery on time,and people are always happy to help me