3 Day Keto Diet Meal Plan - Lunch & Dinner

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Improvement: Nothing else needed
Keto week one

V good

Amazing. Life changing!

When i started, i never imagined i would love it as much as i do! The food is lovely, its fresh and so much variety to choose from. The meal plan is very easy to follow and there is plenty of customer support. When i want to change something. I just text message them. Love it!

Delicious food and fabulous service!

I just finished my first week of ALifePlus keto meals and received my second delivery this morning. I just wanted to say how hugely impressed I am with your customer service, as well as the quality of the meals!

Everything I've ordered has been absolutely delicious. I actually look forward to my meals now, as opposed to constantly being worried about my macros and calories.

I've been in and out of the keto lifestyle for almost ten years. When I've been able to stick to it in the past, I've had great success; but, inevitably, life gets in the way and I fall off the bandwagon. I haven't ever really been able to enjoy consistent, long-term results, which has been frustrating and disappointing to say the least.

You guys make keto so unbelievably easy! I just wanted to say thank you so much. I am so happy I found out about ALifePlus, and I have recommended you to several friends and colleagues who are interested in starting out on keto, too. You've got a customer for as long as I'm living in Melbourne!

Great good at a great price

I had alot of questions before I signed up. Great customer service. I am loving the first delivery. So far so good, thank you!

Wonderful experience

I've enjoyed a few deliveries so far didn't want to comment until now. Great food and great service I will be using you for awhile.

This is a 3 day meal plan that delivers 6 meals in total if you choose lunch & dinner and 9 meals in total if you choose breakfast, lunch & dinner.

We create every meal plan differently because each of us has unique requirements. We are able to personalise the dishes to your goals and preferences by hand-cooking every one of your dishes to order. This includes personalising for your dietary preferences (e.g. Vegetarian, no gluten), removing ingredients you don’t like (e.g no fish, dairy) all the way to your individual calorie level requirements. (e.g. I don’t want to exceed 1200 calories).

Your meal plan will be 100% keto compliant and will have a ratio of: Fat: 70-80%, Protein: 15-25%, Carbs: 5% (1-6g carbs per meal). We can personalise meals that fit perfectly with your macro levels, tastes, and preferences. Just follow these steps:

1. Select a meal plan (days), type of ingredients (standard or organic), meal size (250g or 400g) and simply state your preferences in the comments section upon checkout.

2. Once the order has been placed, you will receive an email with a quick questionnaire to understand your goals, preferences and to help personalise the dishes to you. Including taste profile, allergens, the ingredient used, all the way to your personalised macro counts (calories, fats, proteins percentages and carbs).

3. Once your meal plan has been designed. Our seasoned chefs will purchase your fresh ingredients through our local markets, hand cook your meals to order, and deliver to your door.

4. After the order, your designated specialist will continue helping you through your journey. They will check up on you to make sure you are enjoying your meals and to make any taste or macros adjusts along the way. Ultimately to help you monitor your progress until your goal is met.



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Weight loss achieved so far: .5
Pleasantly surprised

I have had a few food deliveries and have never really loved the quality of the food.
I was therefore surprised and pleased with the standard of dishes I have eaten so far. Nothing has disappointed and there is real flavour in the food. I have yet to try any that I froze as I could only keep 1 weeks worth fresh in fridge. I am hoping they have not lost any nutrients or taste once thawed.

Weight loss achieved so far: 2 kilos
Keto Meal Plan

So delicious and easy. Every meal I have had has been so well balanced and really enjoyable.

Yummy food

Great service and very tasty meals

Very well thought out meals with real taste

I enjoy the variety that Alife+ offers. They also taste really good, with fresh ingredients.

Weight loss achieved so far: Week 1 - 3.5 Kg. Let's not get too excited, it's mostly water.
Improvement: Meat in the stroganoff strips was very tough. Needs to be stewed longer or better quality cut used. Dishes with cheese need some work. When reheated the cheese forms a single solid lump. Not sure why instructions say to remove the plastic film before reheating. I've been reheating after popping a few small holes in the film with the point of a knife with good results.
Amazing variety of proper keto meals

Ordered 10 different meals in week 1. All delicious. Well above expectations. Another 10 ordered for week 2 with no repeats. Still more on the list I'd like to try. All the vegetables are amazing. Was expecting soft and overcooked but all were fresh, crisp, and crunchy.