Know these important NDIS Meal schemes before registering for NDIS Meal Preparation and Delivery.

Any disability can make the day harder for a person to do their routine activities easily. They might need assistance in washing, cleaning, or other chores, and cooking is a big part of the day. Instant food might not be the option every time since they must have been allotted a specific diet chart to follow for their wellbeing. 

Preparing a tasty and nutritious meal thrice a day can be a tedious task, especially when you have other things on hand. This is why NDIS providers include NDIS Meals in their plans, along with many other services. 

The NDIS or the National Insurance Delivery Scheme provides funds for meal preparation and delivery to NDIS participants. 

NDIS meal providers prepare meals according to the dietary requirements of the NDIS member. Therefore, every NDIS provider has a different scheme plan on what they include or exclude in funding. But usually, the meal preparations, delivery time, and food restrictions remain uniform in most cases. 


Use the NDIS Plan to get meal preparation and delivery:

In Core Support, under the category of Assistance with Daily Living, you can find meal preparation and delivery options. Although NDIS support is flexible, you need to wisely allocate your expenditure to your Core Support Budget.

Can all members find this option under the NDIS support scheme?

You will usually find this category only if it's reasonable and necessary to your routine plan. 

NDIS meal preparation and delivery that is reasonable and necessary:

The fund is provided to each participant according to the disability and what is considered reasonable and necessary. For example, if you are immobile, you cannot go grocery shopping and prepare your meal. Therefore, food preparation and delivery should be considered reasonable and necessary. 

What if you are living with your caretaker yet want to opt for meal preparation and delivery? Are you eligible to do so? 

The NDIS funds meal preparation and delivery if the primary caretaker cannot give sufficient time to provide you with the wholesome meals required in your diet. But if doctors consider you eligible to prepare your meals or if the meal is not too specific and requires articulate detailing, you might not get the benefit of NDIS meal plans. 

Ingredients are not included with the Meal Plan:

The NDIS meals are not inclusive of the cost of ingredients. They are made according to the member's requirements, and since every meal has different ingredients, the cost has to be borne by the members. 

Why is the cost of ingredients not covered in the meals plan, and how will you benefit from it?

So, regardless of the disability, anyone can avail themselves of ingredients through physical stores or online orders, which was the reasonable and necessary idea behind NDIS meal plans. But the cost is minimal, which means if the whole cost of food is twelve dollars, you only need to pay less than a quarter, which means you might have to pay approximately two to four dollars. 

The orders are prepared in bulk, which means that there could be extra savings, and the benefit is likely to pass to you through cost savings. 

When you chose A Life Plus, you chose fresh meals designed in your way in Australia. The meals are created fresh and healthy using local ingredients, free from all chemicals and preservatives. 

The best thing about NDIS meals is they are never constant, except for hygiene and quality. The menu is customised according to your diet and taste!

Meanwhile, Bon Appetit!

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