Should You Include Nuts in Your Keto Diet

You can achieve fast weight loss results if you stick to your keto diet. Your body can achieve and maintain ketosis easily when your meals contain keto-friendly ingredients only. Your diet should reduce your carbohydrate intake to less than 15-30 grams a day. When you are on this low carb, high fat diet, you also need to make sure that your keto meals do not deprive your body of essential electrolytes. There is a clear separation between foods with high-carb content and foods with low carb content. When it comes to nuts, you are stepping into a grey zone. 


Due to their high-carbohydrate content, you must avoid some nuts when you are trying to achieve or maintain ketosis. However, there are some nuts that are good sources of fat and contain only fewer carbs. You can include these nuts in your keto diet. The protein content is also suitable for keto diets.         


Here you need to know that some nuts are keto-friendly and some are not. In this article, you will learn whether you should include the following 10 nuts in your keto meals or not. 


Cashews are good sources of carbohydrates and keto diet expects you to reduce your daily carbohydrate intake. At the same time, cashews don’t contain a good amount of fat. Your keto meals should be low in carbohydrates and high in fat to achieve ketosis. This is how your body burns fat for energy, not carbohydrates as it does not get enough when you stick to your keto meal plan. So, say no to cashews. 


According to scientific evidence, almonds contain antioxidants. You should eat almonds to control blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels and there are many other benefits of almonds. However, when it comes to keto diet, the carb to fat ratio of almonds does not help. So, you should avoid almonds as well.       


You consume 33.4 grams of carbohydrates when you include one cup of pistachios in your diet. You don’t want to exceed the limit of the minimum carbohydrate content in your diet. 

Pine Nuts

Your body gets one gram of sugar and four grams of carbohydrates when you eat one ounce of these nuts. If you love pine nuts then you can include your favourite nuts in your keto diet. However, it should be a moderate amount.  


33 peanuts contain six grams of carbs. So, you can eat peanuts but in a moderate amount only. 


A ¼ cup of these nuts contains four grams of carbs. Walnuts are not only good for ketosis but also for your heart health.   


12 roasted hazelnuts provide you with 6.5 grams of carbohydrates. Include hazelnuts in your keto diet but don’t forget to monitor your carbohydrate intake.    

Macadamia Nuts 

The carbohydrate content of Macadamia nuts is low. So, enjoy Macadamia nuts in your keto meals.     


Pecans are good sources of fat and carbohydrate content is also low.   

Brazil Nuts

The fat to carb ratio of Brazil nuts is suitable for a keto diet.

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