All menu items can be either standard (non-organic) or organic.
Please select the preferred option in each of the menu items while adding to cart.

Our meals below are made from the freshest ingredients sourced daily from local Aussie farmers and hand-cook by Chefs in our local kitchen to your order.

Dishes are then sealed and delivered to you within 24 hours for maximum taste and freshness.

We buy ingredients that are fresh, not frozen and all dishes have no added sugar, artificial ingredients, coloring and chemical preservatives.

We can also cater for your special dietary requirements and provides you with the flexibility to add ingredients you love or remove the ingredients which you don’t want. Furthermore, we can personalise the dishes to your taste by adjusting the salt level, ingredient mix, the amount of sauce and removal of allergens etc.

You can select "Filter" button for Menu Items such as Organic, Vegan, Easy to Swallow, chicken dishes etc. Click Pictures below for details product information:

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and the results may vary.
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