At AlifePlus we create great tasting, healthy food that makes it easy for you to lose weight and manage your weight. ALifePlus is also a healthy, convenient solution for time poor people who are too busy to shop or cook.

Need help reaching your goals?

Meal Plans

Leave the macros to us. Our dietitian approved meal
plans will help you achieve your health and fitness goals

Choose your diet

Choose from our wide range of diet from Ketogenic, Low-Carb High Protein, Balance Line, Calorie-Controlled and NDIS ( only for NDIS participants)

Pick your meal plan

Choose between our custom meal plan or fixed meal plan. Each of our meal plans have 3-days, 5-days and 7-days meal plan that you can choose from.

Choose your own dishes

For custom meal plan - Pick your own dishes you want to be included on your meal plan. For fixed meal plan - our chefs will preselect the dishes for you.

Not sure what diet works for you?

Individual Menu Builder

Enjoy our range of 80+ healthy meals crafted by our professional Chef and expert dietitians.
Custom build your own meal plan with meals packed with flavour and nutrients.

Choose your meals

Choose from our wide range of meals and use the filter function to select your preferred meals depends on your dietary requirement.

Pick your dish size and ingredient

Each meals has an option to choose between Standard and Organic ingredients. Also you can choose between 250g and 400g dish size.

Delivery on it's way

Once order has been made, our chefs will hand cooked your meals and will deliver it fresh right at your doorstep!



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